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  • Mancala Ancient game

      Updated date 2019-02-24 12:21:48
      Version v1.3.45
      Client StraWeb

        This is an ancient board game which dates back to the 6th century AD, and your target is to gather as many pieces of gems in your store as you can. On the game board, 12 small pits are divided into 2 rows, and each of the pits contains 4 pieces of gems. The upper row of pits belongs to the computer, and the lower row is yours. The 2 large pits on the left and right of the board are the stores, with the one on the right belongs to you, and the one on the left belongs to the computer. You and the computer will take turns to move the gems, and each time you may click any of the pits on your row. When a pit is selected, the gems inside will be distributed one by one to the next pits in counterclockwise direction. If the last gem of a move lands on your store, then you can take one more turn by selecting another pit. If the last gem of a move lands on an empty pit on your side while the opposite pit contains gems, then you can capture all of the gems in both pits and put them to your store. The same rules apply to the moves made by the computer. When the pits on one of the rows are emptied, the game ends. The remaining gems on the pits belonging to you will be counted as yours, and those on the pits of the computer will be counted as the computer's. Capture the gemstones with tactics and win prosperously!
    Instructions on how to play Mancala Game
    The object of this game is to collect as many gems in your mancala (the rightmost store) as possible. You and your opponent will take turns to move the gems according to the following rules:

    1) You can only move the gems on your side.
    2) Each time you move, you pick up all the gems in a pit and distribute them in a counterclockwise direction to the next pit.
    3) If the last gem of a move landed on your mancala, then you can move again.
    4) If the last gem of a move landed on an empty pit on your side and there are some gems in the opposite pit, then the gems in the two pits will be captured in your mancala.
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  • HrsDesk.com

      Updated date 2018-07-03 09:30:11
      Version 0.0.1
      Client StraWeb

    A significant portion of the HRSDESK.COM is geared around sharing of Opportunities with HR''s and Recruiters. This will help for many Organizations and Aspirants in their Needs, You can also use this site for marketing and selling your services as per terms and conditions. This group exists to provide a marketplace for recruitment needs and support related information.
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  • Education Management System

      Updated date 2016-07-10 07:03:40
      Version 0.0.1
      Client StraWeb

    EMS is an answer to years of research on what can bring about efficiency in management or administration activities at schools. It is an unparalleled school management software which covers each and every entity (extrinsic or intrinsic) @ schools and help management authorities or administrators in effectively carrying out their school management processes. It is designed and developed only with a sole purpose of elevating the level of interaction between students and teachers, teachers and parents, parents and school authorities etc. more
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  • Super Album

      Updated date 2016-07-10 07:01:23
      Version v2.5
      Client Super Album

    SuperAlbum is a program that supports and streamlines the layout of albums in Adobe Photoshop.
    Use all the familiar tools in Photoshop while you edit your albums. No need to use a specific program to diagram and another for adjustments, filters and manipulations with SuperAlbum you will always be in Photoshop.
    With tools SuperAlbum you can create unique layouts for your customers and save on templates for later use.
    The only program to design album that makes you earn up to 70% of the time in diagramming with incredible tools for endless creative possibilities.
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  • Slider Portray

      Updated date 2016-07-10 06:38:41
      Version v1.0
      Client StraWeb

    Can be used to create pure web presentations. It's a different approach to the usual office PPTs. Add/Edit/Delete as many slides as you wish, save your work through browser's File.Save and use saved file to give presentations anywhere.
    This Slideshow showcases HTML5's localStorage and ContentEditable capabilities with a fast, feature-rich and easy to use interface, leveraging CSS3 to enhance aesthetics while keeping the file size small. Features: "auto-saved" content (via localStorage) , arrow key navigation and multiple themes.
    ->Fully editable slides
    ->Ability to quickly and easily Add / Remove slides
    ->Persistent content (saved "on the fly" with localStorage)
    ->Arrow key navigation
    ->Two themes
    ->Light weight (under 10k not including jQuery)

    Technologies used
    ->CSS3 Radial Gradients
    ->Border Radius
    ->Box Shadow
    ->Text shadow
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  • Live video recorder

      Updated date 2014-02-27 14:33:37
      Version v1.0
      Client Cincopa Ltd

    Video recording and posting to website, for the client Cincopa Ltd
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  • Analog clock

      Updated date 2014-02-27 14:33:21
      Version v1.0
      Client StraWeb

    Analog clock with all time zone's and totally user sinkable.
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  • iVChat

      Updated date 2014-02-27 14:33:11
      Version v1.0
      Client StraWeb

    iVChat is a native application for desktop and mobile devices, which uses internet for audio/ video calls. By default any user can subscribe to public audio/ video calls, which are listed on the home screen. Calls can be private or public for each new call there will be new room which will interact with call id. The list of available cameras and micro phones are shown up in settings screen so that user can select best hardware, by default the first connected device will be selected.
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  • Tic Tac Toast online Game

      Updated date 2014-02-27 14:33:01
      Version v1.0
      Client StraWeb

    Instruction Press start with mouse and cursor to begin game. Alternating with the computer, choose a blank square with your cursor and click the mouse button to place your mark. Get three marks in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally to beat the computer opponent. Work to keep the computer from lining up its marks. Your score will be based on the average of twenty rounds against the computer. Description We all love tic tac toe, and this version of the popular game from ProProfs lets you test your skills against the wits of the computer. Put three O-marks in a line horizontally, vertically, or diagonally before the computer can line up three X-marks and you win
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  • fruit Catcher

      Updated date 2014-02-27 14:30:32
      Version v1.0
      Client StraWeb

    An character fruit catcher, As far as character catches fruit the dropping speed of fruit increases. For each fruit catch a point is added.
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  • Audio Player

      Updated date 2014-02-27 11:01:39
      Version v1.4.492
      Client StraWeb

    Audio Player which players wav, mp3 audio file formates.
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  • Ecopence

      Updated date 2014-02-27 11:01:07
      Version v1.2.54
      Client StraWeb

    Ecopence is useful for having a overview on Economical Expences and invesments with advance dashboard tools.
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  • Address Book

      Updated date 2013-12-23 14:35:35
      Version v1.2.45
      Client StraWeb

    Address Book is a simple contact list application that allows you to create, edit, and remove contacts data such as name, birthday, address, and one or more phone numbers. Underneath the covers, Address Book uses the embedded local database engine that's part of Adobe AIR to store the contact data on your computer.
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  • StraWeb Browser

      Updated date 2013-01-20 14:35:20
      Version v1.5.642
      Client StraWeb

    world wide web browser application that allows to view online/offline web pages and save with creative plugins and Add-on modules like run time debugger. By using shared objects, web page navigation history and bookmarks will be saved in online user account.
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  • Magic Lotto 9

      Updated date 2013-01-20 04:04:07
      Version v1.5.64
      Client Magic 9

    An online based lottery game developed to mobile device and updated for desktop version for the client Magic9.
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