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Feature image
  • Project date 2016-07-10 06:38:41
  • version v1.0
  • Downloads html5
  • Client StraWeb

Slider Portray

Can be used to create pure web presentations. It's a different approach to the usual office PPTs. Add/Edit/Delete as many slides as you wish, save your work through browser's File.Save and use saved file to give presentations anywhere.
This Slideshow showcases HTML5's localStorage and ContentEditable capabilities with a fast, feature-rich and easy to use interface, leveraging CSS3 to enhance aesthetics while keeping the file size small. Features: "auto-saved" content (via localStorage) , arrow key navigation and multiple themes.
->Fully editable slides
->Ability to quickly and easily Add / Remove slides
->Persistent content (saved "on the fly" with localStorage)
->Arrow key navigation
->Two themes
->Light weight (under 10k not including jQuery)

Technologies used
->CSS3 Radial Gradients
->Border Radius
->Box Shadow
->Text shadow